Custom Hospitality & Tourism QR Code Art

For Hotels, Tour Operators, Resorts, and Travel Companies

Our team of designers leverage AI technology to create 100% unique travel-themed QR codes that help you stand out, whether you operate a large resort chain, or run a local tour guide agency.

Let your competition continue to use boring, pixelated QRs while you leave a lasting impression on clients and guests with an unforgettable, scannable masterpiece.

design tourism hospitality qr code
hospitality custom qr code art

Hospitality Promotional Material Ready

Our tourism and hospitality QR codes can be easily embedded onto your next batch of business cards, food service menus, or room key folders. All you have to do is download the .PNG file we send you, and upload it to the service you use to produce these assets.

Hospitality businesses need to do everything they can to stand out in the current market; our exquisite QR codes can help you in making this a reality.

Our QR Crafting Process

  1. You order a custom hospitality QR code, specifying how you want it to look.
  2. Within 3 business days, we email you the custom QR code image file for review.
  3. Request a revision, and we will design and send a new QR code
  4. Keep and use both QR codes, and the links never expire.
custom qr code for hotel

Hospitality and Tourism QR Code Ideas

  • Beachside Resort
  • Lush Jungle with Animals
  • Snowy Log Cabin
  • Airplane Above the Clouds
  • Calming Beach Sunset
  • Colorful Theme Park
  • Realistic World Wonder
  • Blue Waterfall Oasis
  • Hotel in Night Skyline